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Tips For Vacation Renters

A list of tips for finding the perfect vacation rental in Costa Rica

1) Evaluate Photos. Photos are an invaluable tool when evaluating a property Be wary of properties that do not show photos, or post photos that do not give a complete vision of the property. If owner's don't put care into their property's ad, they probably don't put care into the upkeep of the property. Ask yourself when looking at an ad: does it feel like there is something they are hiding?

2) Read Listing Descriptions. Some owners may not be great photographers but can tell a story that paints a picture of what the property has to offer. Descriptions are also the space where details and amenities not mentioned elsewhere in the listing entry can be presented to interested parties. Costa Rica can be very warm, so check for AC. The last thing you want, is to travel to what you think is a luxury accommodation, to find it is 30°C at night, and there is no A.C.

3) Call the Owner to Chat. There are a number of hidden gems which did may not have advertised themselves sufficiently. If you contact the owner or agent directly to inquire about the details important to you, you will be sure to gain the most relevant information about the property. You can discuss restaurants, activities and activity providers, the weather, helpful neighbors, etc. Often a local can tell you much more than you will find in a book. You may have a lot in common with the owner, or and learning their story may provide a context which will help you appreciate a place more. The best part of a trip is the people you meet.

4) Stay Flexible. While a having a plan is important, having the flexibility to deviate from that plan from time to time will enable you to see more that interests you.

5) Seek out Testimonials. Once you've narrowed your search to a few choices, do some research to see what other people have said about their experience. There are a number of sources online which allow past tenants to share their experience of their accommodations. Many of these people found their vacation rental using the same online marketing platforms as you and will likely comment on the accuracy of the ads available. If you see several positive reviews, it is probably safe to assume that what you see is what you get.

6) Find out all you can about your Destination. CostaRica-Information is a great place to start.