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The non-for-profit Costa Rica Real Estate Chamber verifies the real estate professionals. Propertyshelf is the exclusive national MLS Provider for Costa Rica and verifies all the listings for accuracy with the help of the National Registry. This is the only MLS in Latin America which does so.

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Verified Listings - Browse with Confidence

Propertyshelf and CCCBR take the risk out of buying real estate in Costa Rica by verifying all For Sale listings with the National Public Registry.  This assures buyers that

  1. the property is owned by the person selling it
  2. the lot size is as stated on the listing
  3. the property’s title is in order
  4. there are no major liens against the property

While Propertyshelf accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the data presented here, the chances of encountering title problems when purchasing a Verified Listing from one of our Qualified Agents is greatly reduced.