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It is not hard to understand why Costa Rica has become so popular amongst foreigners in the past decades.  A stable democracy and flourishing economy coupled with the best weather conditions to be found on the planet are just the start.  Considering the happy and friendly Costa Rican (Tico) culture and affordable Real Estate its easy to see why this is one the best places to live or visit in the world.  Costa Rica prides itself on not having a military for over 60 years and for obvious reasons is often called the Switzerland of the Americas.

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Real Estate has played a major role in both Costa Rica's development and its overall economy within the last few decades. Many people cite Costa Rica's nature and biodiversity as their primary incentive for moving to a certain reason.  Others, interested in starting a business, are drawn by the amazing tax incentives available to foreign business owners, as well as the affordable and highly educated labor force Costa Rica offers.

Costa Rica has been very fortunate to have experienced steady and stable growth in the real estate sector, and it has taken over as one of the main income streams for much of the country.  While the lush Pacific coastal regions remain the most preferred geographic location for many by foreign buyers, the green highlands of the Lake Arenal Region and the laid back Caribbean coastline remain extremely attractive at a fraction of the price.

While the global economic downturn has effected the Costa Rican real estate market to some extent, its effects have been far less pronounced than in many other parts of the world.  This is largely due to the lower loan-to-value financing norms in place in Costa Rica, which have prevented the over-leveraging that occurred in much of the U.S. and Europe.  Most properties in Costa Rica are bought and sold via a legal entity often with a mother company based out of the United States. Therefore, the procedures and protocols within the office may feel very familiar to a first time buyer in Costa Rica.

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